President Barack Obama Coloring Book

This is “The President Barack Obama Coloring Book”. But it’s much more than a Coloring Book it’s an “Teaching/Learning Material.” The first page of this book has 4 paragraphs about Barack Obama and on the next 10 Pages is 10 Notable Quotes from Barack Obama while in Office and the next 28 pages has 28 Notable Accomplishments from Barack Obama while in Office.

I just think it’s important that all children know who Barack Obama was and how much he meant to all of us. What made me create this book was because I asked my 3 grandkids, 4, 9 and 11 who was President Obama and the only thing they could tell me was that he was the first black president. I felt like it was so much more that they needed to know about who he was and what he did and how important he was in our lives during his time in Office.


Front of Book,                                                  Back of Book.


Hello, this Anthony Powell. I am the person who created “The President Obama Coloring Book. I have hundreds of in-boxes for people wanting to purchase this Book. Let me tell you the different ways you can get one or more of the Books for $12.95 plus shipping. You can purchase the book at either of these two website,


Biblio Bookstore:�

There is shipping cost when you purchase from either of those two sites. But if you order two or more Books from me you get them with Free shipping.